A Message from the CEO of Project Partners

Our website talks about what we do, but I want to use this letter to talk about something that will give you a sense of what Project Partners is about: what we believe.

We believe the engineering world has changed. With the disappearance of job security, engineering professionals must be strategic with how they manage their careers. They must plan their careers, choose jobs carefully, actively acquire key contacts, and seek resume-building experience.

We believe the public sector has changed too. With pension reform, constrained budgets, and frequent hiring freezes, we are in a new era. We believe supplemental technical professionals in staff augmentation roles are a part of the solution that will give public organizations the flexibility and cost effectiveness needed to survive and thrive in this new era.

We also believe in partnerships; in building long term relationships with our employees and our public agency clients. With this partnership we are committed to our clients’ goals and the career and life goals of our employees.

We believe in professionalism with core values of honesty and strong work ethic. We desire to be the best, with a commitment to quality, responsiveness and resourcefulness to our clients and employees.

On behalf of the Project Partners’ team, we consider it a privilege to work with our clients, engineering professionals, and the engineering community as a whole. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kimo Look
Founder and Owner