Combined Talent and Client Testimonials

When we committed to a major project Project Partners quickly provided (5) five experienced wastewater project managers that proved to be truly effective.

General Manager

I have worked with Project Partners for many years. They have consistently provided qualified staff to meet our deadlines and stayed within budget.

Civil Engineer

When our Water Quality Manager left, we were left in a bind. Project Partners quickly provided the help to kept the reporting schedule on track until a permanent replacement was hired.

Senior Civil Engineer

We turned to Project Partners when engineering team faced both a growing workload and tight project and personnel budget constraints that severely limited our options. Project Partners unique staffing approach provided quality staff at a much reduced rate of than what a traditional consultant would cost. They proved to be the ideal solution to meet our project and fiscal demands.

Public Works Director

Short a senior engineer and lacking CAD & GIS support, we turned to Project Partners for a solution. Both staff they provided were excellent. So good, we hired them as full time staff within a year.

Engineering Manager

When we needed the flexibility provided by contract staff we turned to Project Partners. They not only provided qualified staff, but they understands complex labor laws and worked hard to make sure we steered clear of labor law pitfalls.

General Manager