Reduce Cost by Doing More Projects In-House With Project Partners Supplemental Staff


Gain More Hours With Lower Billing Rates

Address current budgetary issues by bringing strategic engineering projects back in-house. Our new program is specifically designed to help you achieve dramatic cost savings by augmenting deficient expertise or staff levels with as-needed engineering, construction management and support staff at well below consultant’s rates. Here’s a quick overview:

Bring Engineering Projects In-House

Today’s economic environment is forcing everyone to rethink the high cost of consultants associated with outsourced engineering projects. Consequently, an increasing number of projects are being brought back in-house to reduce cost.

Augment Your Staff with Project Partners’ Personnel

We solve “voids” in staff competencies and personnel resource constraints. Our “PIP” (Project In-House Program) truly works, because Project Partners’ billing rates are a fraction of typical consultant rates.

View the Savings

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