Achieve your potential

Focus on your long-term career – not just the next job.

At Project Partners we help engineering professionals like you achieve long-term career success. Whether it’s great pay with solid benefits, rapid career advancement, or better job stability and security. We help you get the career you want. We take the time to learn about your overall objectives and develop strategies for long-term career success.

Search our job boards or contact us to achieve your potential and find the balance that’s right for you.

Why work with Project Partners?

We know careers matter and we help you get what you want.

We take the time to learn about your objectives and develop a long-term career map. As civil engineers ourselves, we know how to build career strategies that succeed. Proof of our abilities is in the hundreds of engineering professionals we’ve helped get the careers they want. We’ll help you get a career by choice, not by chance.

Rapid Career Advancement

Interested in demonstrating your true potential? Project Partners can help you achieve your potential. Whether you want to move into project management or interested in advancing through the executive management track, we can help.

We can successfully advance your career because:

We give you access to the best jobs.
We have thousands of industry contacts, and we know which companies are Employers of Choice—and which are not. We give you opportunities in leading organizations that offer growth potential and job security.

We help you build the right contacts.
We all know that in engineering, it is not just what you know, but who you know that gets you ahead. We help our employees build key relationships and contacts with influential people will make a difference in their careers.

We know the critical engineering skills and how to get them.
Simply put, we know how to give you the skills and experiences that will move your career. We offer our employees unique opportunities to build these skills, to gain resume building experiences, and to strategically position themselves to rocket up the career ladder.

Ready to advance your career? Apply Online. Throughout the years we have helped hundreds of professionals make the leap from staff engineers to project management and then on to senior or department management.

Coveted Public Sector Jobs

Project Partners can help you get into the right public sector job.
We know not all public sector jobs are alike. We know which public sector organizations people fight to get into, and the ones they fight to stay away from. We help you get into the right organizations; ones with the best work environment, the best advancement opportunities, and the best project work.

We also get in at the right level. Many organizations only hire entry level positions and require engineers to work their way up. With Project Partners, we can get you started at the appropriate advanced level.

If you’re looking to position yourself for a stable career with great benefits, apply with Project Partners today!

Improve Work / Life Balance

Looking to spend more time doing what you want?

At Project Partners, we understand that life is more than just work. It’s about spending time with the people you care about and having the freedom to do the things you want.

    We help you get:

  • Choices in when and where you work
  • Flexible schedules
  • Earlier start times
  • Shorter commutes
  • Part-time opportunities that fit your lifestyle

Achieve the balance that’s right for you! Discover rewarding opportunities that allow you the time and freedom to enjoy your personal life. Apply with Project Partners today.

Get More Out of Retirement!

At Project Partners, we help retired engineers find rewarding and flexible opportunities that match their interests and expertise.  Whether you’re looking to supplement your retirement income, continue to build your nest egg, or find a little extra money for travel and hobbies, Project Partners can provide the income you need.

  • Work when and where you choose.
  • Stay engaged in your profession.
  • Earn extra income.
  • Put your experience to good use.

Ready to get more out of retirement? Apply online. Flexible job opportunities. Short term. Part time. Project work.